Mask - The cook /Nonwoven /Black 100% Cotton

Mask - The cook /Nonwoven /Black 100% Cotton

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3 Layers, Reusable, Washable.

Each mask has three layers of fabric. The combination varies by mask but generally will be a polyester, rayon, cotton, denim, linen or cotton lycra as the outer and 100% cotton the inner lining. The middle layer is a non woven interlining (new or sourced from non woven polypropylene shopping bags). Choose your elastic preference as adjustable ear loop or around the head option.

With the exception of small and medium in the kids collection fabrics - all other sizes have a flat stainless steel nose splint sewn into lining for firmer fit.

Small (Toddlers) Medium (kids 4+, teens, petite) Medium-Large (Adults-Women) Large (Adults-Men), Extra Large (More coverage for beards and fuller faces)

Made from new and used materials.

SMALL Does not come with filter pocket option (isn't big enough to fit a standard filter) Only wear under adult supervision - Not to be worn whilst sleeping or exercising.

*Unless selected does not include a pocket to insert filters or filters. Note, this is a general-purpose mask and NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE. This mask does not have the same effectiveness as N95 or surgical masks. Small parts included, not suitable for children under the age of 2. Do not put a cloth mask on children under the age of 2. 

Nose Tip - To Chin Tip
     Small    Medium   Medium  -      Large       Large     Extra Large
cm         5-7       7-8.5    9 -10       10-11         12- 13